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turning the house into a gym. Total exercise activities

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2022-08-11 11:27:36

Winona. (2021, July–September), turning the house into a gym. Total exercise activities : Thitthai 12 (45) :           46-49

         During the period of the novel coronavirus disease or COVID-19 is spreading widely around the world. playing sports outdoors go to the gym in the gym including going out for a run in the park All of them are at high risk of transmitting and receiving infections.

        But when you have to stay at home to maintain social distance The body that used to be slim It's clearly starting to get fatter. because if the body is not strong will not be able to fight disease Even the inside of the house does not have a wide area like a stadium. There is no equipment like a fitness gym. But we can apply exercises as well as sports and fitness.

   • Run up and down the stairs, lower the thighs. For houses and condos with stairs Running up-down or walking up-down can burn up to 600-700 calories per hour.

   • Plank, housebreak, build abdominal muscles It's an exercise that doesn't require a lot of space. And it doesn't take long. Just place your elbows on the floor in line with your shoulders. Ready to lift and stabilize with your toes. Then tense the body. The hips and straight legs are in the same plane. The first time may be 1-10 minutes a day, then gradually increase it.

   • Burn calories with cardio exercises It is an exercise that focuses on moving the body. to make your heart rate faster As a result, the body burns calories. and strengthen the heart and lungs

   • Jump rope, even with limited space, can play. It is considered a sweaty activity that gets the heart pumping as well.

   • Dance aerobics with just a song you like. will open from computer I was able to exercise.

   • Do yoga even if there is a limited space like a condo. can play this type of activity And now there are online teaching to choose as you like as well.

   • Build muscle If you have weight lifting equipment, you can do it at home. But if you don't have it, you can modify it by using something nearby, such as a water bottle or sandbag.