Operational policies

1. Focused on producing quality graduates. And meet the needs of the community and raise the standard of living. And improving the quality of community life. Local and to become self-reliant.

2. Use the research process. Both basic research. Applied research. And policy research that can be applied to enhance the quality of community life. And used in business. As well as the foundation for development. Innovation. And artifacts from Thailand wisdom that add value to the university community and society.

3. Mechanism was developed and directed by the local community and society to society Thailand knowledge economy, including the push for a strong community and self-reliance and sustainability. And increase the capacity and capability to compete with other countries.

4. Has good management. Strategic management. And Corporate Governance Committee to meet mobility, flexibility and academic freedom. Effective And effectiveness. Accountability, transparency and accountability. Under the supervision of the University. Taking into account the needs and the need for development of students, faculty, staff, local communities and society as a whole.

5. Center. And disseminate information, the culture of the Rattanakosin Era. Thailand and international wisdom.

6. Raise the quality and standards of the Faculty and staff have the potential to compete in the knowledge society. Support and encourage the advancement of professional duties. And welfare and reasonable compensation by a learning disability.

7. Raising standards in fundraising and revenue. To defeat the University Incubator quality. And professional.

8. Publicity and aggressive marketing management. Plan and implement marketing and public relations plan proactively. Publicize and promote the University's academic and research is designed to make a good image and reputation as well as to students. Student entrepreneurs, community and society.