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The medical practice process design for the out-patient
        World Health Organization decided on September 17 of each year to be Day ...
2021-09-17 10:34:28
Learning innovation in community organization councils for the encouragement of people's politics : a case study of three pilot councils in Samut Songkram
        International Day of Democracy is 15th of September every year. Thi ...
2021-09-15 21:12:20
People's participation in clerical task of temples in Sumphuntawong district, Bangkok metropolitan administration
        Most monks' roles are intellectual and virtuous leaders but began to ...
2021-09-10 15:11:44
Emotional quotient of pre - school children in Samut Songkhram province
        Children are the most important human resource for the development of a ...
2021-09-03 15:59:21
A design of administration process for rehabilitation mangrove forest : A case study of the 9th station of mangrove forest resource development
        1 September every year It is scheduled to be "Sueb Nakasathien" ...
2021-09-01 16:27:35
August 2021, the 155th anniversary of Phraya Senoduriyang (Cham Sunthornwatin), the origin of the character "Khun In" from The Overture.
        August 2021, the 155th anniversary of Phraya Senoduriyang (Cham Sunthorn ...
2021-08-24 10:38:43
The development of training curriculum for hospital risk management
        Researcher has applied the concept of curriculum development and the con ...
2021-08-23 20:57:08
Functional Competency Development Plan of Infection Control Nurse, Infection Control Division, Government Hospital
        Quality Management Research, researcher studied operational performance, ...
2021-08-18 14:03:50
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