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Violence hide and find in Thai society.

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2022-10-04 14:41:16

        The book includes articles on Violence hide and find in Thai society. It tells a story of violence hidden in Thai society through 6 research papers, the origin and development of academic knowledge On Political Violence : A Survey of Academic Work in the West, War Action of the Drug Campaign in Thailand, Tracing "Violence" from the Literature of the Community Rights Movement on Natural Resources and Environment Management in Thai Society, study: the illusion of cultural violence, study subject "Globalization and the death penalty in the Thai state" and October 6 in memory of the right-wing 1976-2006 : from victory to silence (but still wins). These various issues will prompt the reader to consider whether Thai society is truly peaceful and that people are smiling and kind or has obvious concealed violence, what we've been used to for a long time there could be recurring violence that we are not aware of. ….

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