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2021-07-06 15:58:27

        Fire is caused by three elements: fuel, heat and air. To extinguish a fire, so one of the elements must be removed or reduce as much as possible. 

        The intensity of the fire varies according to the type of fuel. Therefore, types of fires are classified according to the type of fuel. Each type of fuel must choose the appropriate extinguishing agent. 

        Type A (Ordinary Combustibles) caused by ordinary fuels that are easily flammable, such as paper, plastic, garbage, this type of fire can be extinguished with water.          

        Type B (Flammable Liquids) caused by flammable liquids its basic components are crude oil, gas oil, gasoline and flammable gases such as butane or propane. This type of fire suppression requires the removal of ambient oxygen. 

        Type C (Electrical Equipment) caused by electrical devices that still have electricity flowing. This type of firefighting should have the electrical system cut off before extinguishing the fire. 

        Type D (Combustible Metals) caused by combustible metallic fuels such as titanium, magnesium, aluminum and potassium. This type of fire cannot be extinguished with plain water.       

        Type K (Combustible Cooking) caused by animal fat, cooking oil which is a fuel found in households and restaurants. That can be extinguished by removing oxygen or use a wet chemical K type fire extinguisher. 

        Academic Resource Center would like to pass our condolences to the lost families and injured in the #โรงงานกิ่งแก้วไฟไหม้ . It is a lesson for all sectors to realize the importance of knowledge and processes in dealing with large-scale disasters in the future. 

        Compiled from: https://www.harn.co.th/articles/types-of-fire-extinquishers/

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