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Human rights protection in administrative case proceeding

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2021-08-06 20:25:52

        Legal research that describes the context of the law in relation to human rights both administrative law and human rights law. Which is a law that creates rights and freedoms for the public administrative proceedings of the administrative Court. Administrative court process, which is a process conducted for the public. Where the government has power over the public. But in the process of operation, it does not affect human rights and to study the opinions of experts in various fields related to human rights, past, present and future trends.         

        The study found that human rights are fundamental principles that lead to the protection of the rights and freedoms of the people. In particular, the concept of human rights is a natural right that treats all human beings as equals. Dignity in human beings that must be respected for this reason, Thailand has established an Administrative Court to oversee the fundamental rights of the people by protecting and protecting the people from unlawful administrative actions by government agencies or government officials. Revealed that the Act on Establishing Administrative Courts and Administrative Trial Procedures B.E. 1999.  But the Administrative Court has problems and obstacles in litigation. The provisions of the law that empower government agencies and government officials to issue rules, orders, policies. The exercise administrative discretion that the administrative proceedings cannot pass and in the litigation process that still lacks personal protection before litigation during the litigation and after the litigation. 

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Title: Human rights protection in administrative case proceeding 

Creator: พิศณุ พูนเพชรพันธุ์ 

Classification: ว.จ 341.48072 พ744ร 

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