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e-book collection of Python

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2022-09-06 15:06:01

        It has been said that Python is easier to use than other programming languages. Python was invented by Dutch programmer, Guido van Rossum. That other programming languages are too difficult and complicated. Therefore, inventing a language that is easy to understand and work without difficulty and to be closer to English than other programming languages. Because it reduces data retrieval and use of cumbersome variables. This allows to reduce lines of writing more. There is also a helper in a variety of applications, support from math equations, science to data management. Python is currently open source, free of charge. There are many developers from small companies or big companies such as Google, that pay attention. As a result, Python's character is constantly being updated.

e-book collection of Python

   • Introduction to Python >>https://bit.ly/3CiRN3I

   • Basic python coding เรียนง่ายเป็นเร็ว>> https://bit.ly/3wdaIsQ

   • คู่มือเรียนเขียนโปรแกรมภาษา Python ฉบับสมบูรณ์>> https://bit.ly/3c1jXp9


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