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responding to the present.

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2023-09-07 09:24:26

"Creative Folklore" is a theory proposed to mock the term "creative economy." This is an important factor in bringing local and regional folklore into dynamic new contexts, as it demonstrates the use of folklore with "value" to add "value" in a variety of ways with different ways of thinking. It is bringing a culture with "roots" to "extend" according to the wisdom, attitudes, and goals of the people in the community. "Contemporary society" can thus be defined as "relying on the past" to "responding to the present."
The book's contents: "Based on the past, serving the present, creative folklore Contemporary Society" includes a synopsis that demonstrates the theory's interest and modernity. "Creative Folklore" is a subgenre of folklore and high-quality research articles written by Master's and Doctoral students at Chulalongkorn University's Thai Language Department, Faculty of Arts. There is a wide range of information, content, and study topics that can be used as an example of conducting field research. 

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