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The space of Rajdamnern avenue in cultural dimension

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2021-10-08 20:06:09

        Rajdamnern avenue is related to the changes of the country neither the physical elements and the activities or events that take place on this road. The road construction was initiated by His Majesty King Chulalongkorn, to connect between the Grand Palace and Dusit Palace, which is the new residence outside the city wall. This is the beginning of a big change in the use of space to expand the city through the wall to the north. At the same time, it changed the attitude of the elite towards the area outside the city walls. From the original meaning that it was an unsafe area, far from civilization, becoming a shady place with nature.

        Rajdamnern avenue is a symbol connecting the old Siam area which has the art of construction in a traditional style with the new Siam area. The royal court buildings are built with Western art. Therefore, this road is the scene of prosperity, modernity, and culture to present to the civilized nations. Only when Thailand changes the regime from absolute monarchy to government under a constitutional monarchy. Rajdamnern avenue has also been defined as a space that expresses modernity, having a culture that is equal to the civilization of the country, by building a western style building. Although the art form of this era differs from the one when it was originally created to reflect the equality of the classes, and the importance of the new regime by building a democratic monument.

        Currently, the government is trying to promote tourism to seek more foreign currency. Rajdamnern avenue is also an important target for cultural activities. Especially the physical condition of Rajdamnern avenue is surrounded by traditional and western buildings of various eras. The government has a policy to make Rajdamnern avenue a cultural road. However, the real image, most people refer to this street as the road of political history. Because there have been many political rallies on this street up until the present. So that, in the midst of political currents, the gathering of the claimants also reflected a community culture with rules of coexistence, generosity, mutual assistance, which is missing in the current urban society.

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Title: The space of Rajdamnern avenue in cultural dimension 

Creator: วีณา เอี่ยมประไพ

Classification: ว.จ 390.9593072 ว815ร

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