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Quality process improvement of safety management

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2021-07-09 18:49:45

        Emergency situation sisasters often occur suddenly and unpredictably, including fire, flood, storm, and landslide. Preparing to deal with these situations, people, organizations or agencies must be aware of and give importance to the safety of life and property. Having an emergency prevention plan is essential to prepare for the incident immediately and prevent future losses. 

        Study the improvement of the fire safety management process from the research of Krairuengrit Sukjirathawee that has improved the quality fire safety process and assess the suitability of the improved processes of the Color Department, Modernform Group Public Company Limited, Bang Phli Branch, Samut Prakan Province. By applying the concept of safety management to be applied in conjunction with the concept safety theory. Including the concept of prevention and suppression of various forms of fire together with stakeholders in the unit, namely executives and related employees. To get a quality fire safety management process and has a safety operation manual It is a good practice that internal or other agencies can implement.

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Title : Quality process improvement of safety management 

Researcher : Krairuengrit Sukjirathawee

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