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Folk performance of Srisamrong district

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2021-07-13 19:25:37

       Folk performances are reflected the distinctive features of the local way of life of the community. That born, inherited, and developed from one generation to another, caused by coexistence in a society that is among them. Usually being the agriculture, it is the way of life of the community in Sukhothai. Sukhothai is a province that has a cultural heritage. A way of life that is hidden in beauty until recognized as a land with cultural charm. There are folk performing arts that show the unique way of life of the locality.

        Learn about the folk performances of Sukhothai Through research by Somboon Phasaowapak. That study the background and elements of folk performances Si Samrong District Sukhothai. In terms of dancing, rhythm, melody, instrumental lyrics costume and equipment that used in the performance of folk performances. Research is including interviews with dance teachers and villagers who have been taught dance moves, participated in performances, or watched performances. That shows history of folk performances, which is a folk show that reflects the way of life of the community. Each set has its own identity. There is a dance that mimics nature, comparable to basic Thai classical dance postures. Emphasize fun and convey meaning to the audience easily. The melody is a single beat rate and differ according to the show set.

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Title: Folk performance of Srisamrong district 

Researcher: สมบูรณ์ พนเสาวภาคย์ 

Classification: ว.พ 793.31072 ส258ก

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