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Curriculum development on teamwork encouragement

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2021-08-13 19:40:43

        Research that has developed a curriculum that promotes teamwork for secondary students at St. Francis Xavier Convent School. The study was conducted to study the results of using the curriculum to promote teamwork developed in terms of goals, roles, work processes and relationships among members. 

        The curriculum was developed to be applied to a sample group representing the Student Council Committee. Assessing the consistency of the course details Self-Assessment of Teamwork Skills Assessing participation in teamwork activities and evaluate walk rally activities. 

        The results showed that the developed curriculum and curriculum documents are good quality and can be used. The sample had self-assessment according to the goals of the progressive course. Checking the quality of the course found to be effective and can be used further. 

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Title: Curriculum development on teamwork encouragement 

Creator: จันทิมา มีบ่อทรัพย์ 

Classification: ว.พ 658.402072 จ285ก 

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