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Coffee History

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2021-06-14 11:22:13

Coffee History 

        The bitter black drink that was once called the drink of the devil, was discovered by chance in the Middle East. 

        Coffee has been used in religious ceremonies for hundreds of years, before it became a popular drink in Europe and the rest of the world. 

        During those hundreds of years, coffee addiction evolved through chewing the beans directly. It is ground into powder and then molded into lumps to eat,  boiling in hot water, fermenting into wine. Now it became roasted and brewed as it is today.

        Beginning from the popularity of drinking coffee for religious purposes then becomes consumption to increase and create productivity. 

        Nowadays, coffee and coffee shops are becoming the lifestyle of the new generation as well.

   Coffee history collection at Academic Resource Center ;

   1. The curious barista's guide to coffee / Tristan Stephenson (2015)   : Classification : 641.3373 S837B 

   2. Coffee bible / บุญทอง มุ่งสิริขจร, เกรียงสิทธิ์ ศิริชาติไชย (2549)   : Classification : 633.73 บ464ค 

   3. Coffee  / บรรณาธิการ น่าน หงษ์วิวัฒน์ (2552)   : Classification : 641.877 ค185 

   4. My coffee way / มโนภาพ แปล (2557)   : Classification: 641.877 ม456 

   5. โรบัสต้า หอมกรุ่นจากฟาร์ม สู่แก้วกาแฟของคุณ / บริษัท ทีวีบูรพา. (2557)   : Classification : DVDK0562 (DVD)