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Media of travelling development in Dhonburi riverside

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2021-10-15 16:23:07

        Bangkok doesn’t have only one canal, many canals can be developed into tourist attractions. Research for tourism along the river in the Dhonburi area. To explore the needs of tourists. Study tourism resources, develop media and travel guide maps, develop a model for the management of goods and services of communities that have potential to support tourism. It was found that tourists had the most travel experiences at Krungthon Bridge. There is a way to choose a tourist destination based on the stories of acquaintances.  Moreover, they like to receive travel information through television media. The most desired amenities are cleanliness of the attractions

        For tourism resources, it is divided into religious sites and ancient sites, natural attractions, arts and culture, and selling products. There are 6 tourist routes both by car and by boat. Video presentation of tourist attractions divided into tourism documentaries and tourism, media development along the river in the Dhonburi area. A documentary program introducing water tourism, traveling by boat on the Bangkok Noi Canal, Chak Phra Canal, Khlong Dan, and Bangkok Yai Canal. An in-depth video interview with Mrs. Supa Liangsorn, the inventor of the mask and theatrical accessories.

        When analyzing the problems in the occupation of Mrs. Supa Liangsorn, it was found that income from the profession of making jewelry, pantomime and drama is not enough to support the family. Therefore, they need the relevant agencies to support marketing, improve housing to be safe, conducive to production and distribution, increase income from the remuneration of lecturers and recommend the production of masks and drama decorations to educational institutions or interested agencies.

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Title: Media of travelling development in Dhonburi riverside 

Creator: สมศักดิ์ คล้ายสังข์

Classification: ว.จ 915.93072 ส282ร

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