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The medical practice process design for the out-patient

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2021-09-17 10:34:28

        World Health Organization decided on September 17 of each year to be Day of Patient Safety. To use in campaigning on patient safety and public health personnel that cover both patients, relatives and the general public. In Thailand, the same day has been set as 'Patient Safety Day' and public health personnel in Thailand'. In order to give importance to both patients who receive services and public health personnel which is a person who has the potential to cause insecurity in various fields from working in the hospital.

        Study the research on medical process design which the researcher has designed the operational process with Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and perform a validation test reliability of medical procedures. By bringing the information of the patient's needs through the 4-step QFD technique, consisting of 1) Table converting patient needs into medical service principles 2) Service design table detailing medical requirements 3) The process planning table provides details of the process 4) Process control table as operational process. It was found that the medical practice process are covered with the needs of the patients and suitable for professional practitioners to be safe from the risk of providing services as well. In addition, operational process indicators have been set for the process to be controlled and further development as well

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Title: The medical practice process design for the out-patient department of Thonburi Hospital

Creator: สุดจิตร เมืองเกษม

Global Day of Patient Safety, information from: https://thestandard.co/onthisday1709-2/