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Improvement of inventory processes of procurement department, college of music, Mahidol University

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2021-07-20 10:31:18

        Inventory control is the operation of accounting, storage, registration control, disbursement, borrowing, inspection and distribution of supplies. If there is an improvement in the quality of operations, they will bring the current processes and methods to be reviewed in detail. Use the creativity to design the steps and a new way of performing each step. Consider the activities related to the parcel control process. What activities are valuable? What are not creating value on conditions that result in better quality work. Using quality operational process flow tools as a model that can reduce labor, duplication, errors and waste of materials.

        Study the improvement of the parcel control process of the procurement department from Niyom Suwandej research that has improved the process of control of materials and equipment disbursement by means of a new process design of the supplies section, College of Music, Mahidol University. Evaluating the performance of parcel control in the disbursing of materials and equipment according to the new process

        In this study, the concept of Veerapoj Leuprasitsakul’s Quality Work Procedure was applied as a model of the procedures of work process redesign. Steps of process redesign by Davenport and Short, and Rainmaker were, also applied to improve the inventory processes. Moreover, the operation manual was created. The quality tools for process redesign included Quality Work Procedure and Key Quality Indicators. Enable organizations and personnel to gain knowledge and learn together about the design of operational processes and clear supply control and effective. Other organizations can take this new package control operation process as a model.

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Title: Improvement of Inventory Processes of Procurement Department, College of Music, Mahidol University 

Researcher: Niyom Suwandej 

Classification: ว.พ 658.78072 น642ก

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