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Epigram for Working People

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2023-09-21 10:21:35


        Our work is like to the hands of a clock; in the beginning, it was the second hand that had to move quickly in order to gain experience. When you're in charge, it's the minute hand. When you're a boss, it's the hour hand. It looks to be working slowly, but it makes no mistakes. However, in the Buddhist faith, keep your heart like a "clock," because a clock's duty is to be happy every second. True and precise living in the present moment. How can we do our jobs in order to be happy? Make life enjoyable and valuable in every status, career, time, and aspect of life, as if your work is a monument that serves as a sanctuary for life.
        "Epigram for Working People" will provide answers to the reader's questions so that the concepts in the book can be used as a guideline for choosing to think and putting it into practice for maximum benefit in the workplace. 

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