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Business Anthropology

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2022-11-22 12:11:18

        Human culture can be observed by the behaviors they exhibit from waking up in the morning until going to bed. Human behavior therefore has many aspects. Whether it is eating behavior, walking, studying, working, communicating, shopping, etc.

        Studying these behaviors based on the science of anthropology, it helps to understand the culture in the society deeply and can be applied to benefit in many fields. For example, if you know what people like, what are they values for eating, It will help food business entrepreneurs to produce food that meets the market needs.

        It's not just the type of food or the taste of food, but also studying the beliefs, tastes, and daily lifestyles of the target audience can also help marketers know how to advertise their products through which channel. In order to reach the target audience as much as possible. The study of behavior of people in society can reflect people's culture; including beliefs, values, and daily life which can be applied to benefit in the business world widely...Read more>> https://bit.ly/3U7nsvh

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