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Alternative Education

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2023-01-24 10:28:25

      “Alternative Education” is a book that compiles knowledge and presents examples of alternative education management. This is a way of managing education that focuses on the learner, including age, gender, race, religion, values, beliefs, aptitudes, readiness, and interests. As well as emphasizing on the environment, community, context, wisdom, knowledge and local arts and culture where the learners live. Students therefore have the opportunity to truly study according to their own potential. Alternative education is an education that different from the mainstream education in the general school, both in philosophy and components of educational management. That can be organized in formal education, non-formal education, and self-study. It is an open view of education management that covers the needs of human beings in terms of evolutionary change, dimensions of diversity, and the dimension of freedom of education. Including, terms of educational philosophy and valued knowledge that truly gives meaning to the way of life...

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