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A study for cost reduction of the state railway of Thailand

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2021-11-26 13:27:44

        Strategic logistics management research that has studied the factors affecting the cost and study the ways to reduce the cost of the State Railway of Thailand. By interviews with executives and inquired from the staff, it was revealed that the factors affect the cost the most is the terms of personnel, it is the pension system. In term of management is organization management. The budget aspect is the effectiveness, while the tool/machine aspect is the working cost.

        For cost reduction approaches, personnel should use the organizational structure to be appropriate, compact, and reduce the hierarchy to reduce the workflow as well as reducing the position of lack of clear productivity, such as assistant governor, Railway Inspector. Management, the scaling method of the organization and economical management, dissolution of unnecessary entities. Budget, use the budget allocation method according to the priorities of investment to increase income, and worth the investment. Tool/machine, use a strictly scheduled maintenance plan.

        Consideration for choosing a cost reduction approach should have a study and its effects before being used, must understand the real problem situation and feel involved so that they can reduce costs effectively. Which should have a meeting to clarify, provide opportunities for employees to participate in activities, seminars, brainstorming sessions to solve problems according to the roles and duties of each person.

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Title: A study for cost reduction of the state railway of Thailand 

Creator: ธนกมล เงินแจ่ม

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