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Research on consumer demand patterns towards hawker stalls case study : Banglamphu area

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2021-09-27 10:10:20

       Bang Lamphu is a district in the Rattanakosin Island area. The name "Bang Lamphu" comes from the past where there were many Lamphu trees. Along the canal was originally a gathering and a small market riverside before the establishment of Rattanakosin. Later, it was the residence of royalty, nobles, courtiers, and people of many ethnicities, including Thai, Chinese, Mon and Muslim. Until making it a source of various occupations. Later, when the canal was cut around the city, Bang Lamphu area became a port used for loading and unloading and exchanging goods.

        During the reign of King Rama V when the Dusit Palace was built, many roads have been cut up from Samsen Road, such as Chakrabongse Road, Phra Athit Road, Phra Sumen Road, Khaosan Road, Rambuttri Road, Tanao Road and Si Sam Hang Road. Bang Lamphu is now well known as a source of clothing trade, especially school uniforms. There is a department store specifically for distribution. It used to be the location of many shopping malls. It is also a source of temporary accommodation for foreign tourists.

        Study the patterns of consumer demand towards hawker stalls in Bang Lamphu area that the researcher has studied the patterns of consumer demand and factors that determine consumer purchases per hawker trade in Banglamphu area. It found that products of clothing, apparel and shoes are the product that most consumers choose to buy the most, followed by food and beverages. However, consumers will take into account the quality of the product, waiting time for public transport and ease of purchase. Those are important factor that affects the level of each spending more than the price of the product. it shows that consumer decision-making patterns has turned to pay more attention to product quality. Therefore, if developing a hawker stall in Banglamphu area, this factor should be considered. In addition to the waiting time for the bus, and ease of purchase, that are still an important factor in consumer purchasing decisions in this area as well.

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Title: Research on consumer demand patterns towards hawker stalls case study : Banglamphu area

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