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Food Packaging design

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2021-06-28 14:42:19

        Package design is the use of various materials such as paper, plastic, glass, metal, etc. to design a container that is beautiful, strong, and proportional to the product. To prevent damage to goods from movement, transportation and to add psychological value to consumers. 

        Package design requires both a science and an art to create, especially for food and beverage packaging. Good packaging will not only prevent damage. Prevent food from being exposed to outside air. It also helps to keep the quality of the product from changing whether it smells or tastes. Extend product shelf life convenient and economical transportation 

        The development of packaging at present ranges from paper boxes and other types of packaging, especially packaging that is environmentally friendly, does not create pollution and biodegradable, which is a selling point that is used to compete in the current market. 

Collection “Food Package”  at Academic Resource Center

1.  How to wrap five eggs : traditional Japanese packaging  /  Hideyuki Oka ; with photographs by Michikazu Sakai  (2008) 

Classification : 745.54 O41H 

2. Protein-based films and coatings  /  edited by Aristippos Gennadios.  (2002) 

Classification : 660.63 P967 (e-book) 

3. Takeaway food packaging now  /  Edited by Yvett Arzate Gomez  (2016) 

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4.Minimalist packaging : enhancing creative concepts  (2019) 

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5. Handmade packaging graphics  (c2016) 

Classification : 688.8 H236