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Do you know "FOMO" ?

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2021-04-30 11:56:45

Do you know "FOMO" ?

        That stands for fear of missing out on something. Which affects your life both online and the real world. 

        Have you ever felt stressed out when seeing the joyful images that your friends, family, or others? 

        While you are on your phone, you suddenly find people are interested, excited and successful more than you. 

        This book is a "antidote", taking you deeper into the cause of symptoms "unhappy" and "anxiety" chronically, no matter what career you are in or at any stage of life, you can overcome it!


Title    : ไม่ต้องตามใครแค่ใช้ชีวิตแบบของคุณ FEAR OF MISSING OUT
Author           : แมคกินนิส, แพทริค เจ ;  ผู้แปล: สุวิชชา จันทร
Classification      :153.83 ม859ม

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