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The singing and choreographic indentity of morlum Banyen Raggan

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2021-07-01 14:51:48

        Banyen Raggan is the best female morlum that is famous and well known both in Thailand and abroad. The set name "Queen of Applied Lukthung Morlum" this is the top morlum with the identity of morlum singing. There is a graceful and beautiful dance moves with a long experience in morlum and Isan lukthung that have been accumulated since childhood. Being honored as a national artist performing arts (Folk performance - Mo Lam) Year 2013 

        Learn about Banyen Raggan's path to becoming a morlum artist that are popular with the public through the research work of Tiwaporn Akka-Amnuay. Who studied the performance analyze the identity of the dancing, singing, and dressing. The adjustment of the performing arts of Banyen Raggan between 1966 - 2009. Studying the documents, field study, interviews with artists and stakeholders. Gain new knowledge from the research analysis results in the artist's unique identity Interested parties can take to research further and development of the study of the performing arts development with unique characteristics. It is also applied as a guideline in the study of cultural behavior or the identity of the artist. 

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Title : The singing and choreographic indentity of morlum Banyen Raggan 

Author : Tiwaporn Akka-Amnuay 

Classification : ว.พ 791.1072 ท493อ


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