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Interpersonal communication from theory to practice

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2023-03-31 11:05:13

        “Interpersonal communication from theory to practice” It is a book that contains communication content along with communication between people under the communication context in the digital age where communication technology and new media have an influence on communication in everyday life. It aims to enhance the understanding of interpersonal communication concepts and theories, including the factors that influence the effectiveness and success of interpersonal communication to strengthen relationships, eliminate conflicts, and persuade communication objectives to be achieved. Covers the concepts of communication and interpersonal communication, roles and importance of interpersonal communication, interpersonal communication objectives, self-factor, partner-communication factor, media-factor, message-factor, and message creation, and environmental context factors. Including examples of situations in interpersonal communication that correspond to the contents of the description, to link theory to practice, and linking principles of communication and interpersonal communication with the changing context of communication in society....

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