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The charm of perfumed flowers

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2024-05-08 11:37:59

Prasitjongkit. (2024, February), The charm of perfumed flowers : Kitchen & Home : 70-71 


          Bringing tropical flowers into a fun arrangement isn't difficult at all. As most tropical flowers have color tones in the direction of fun, hot, warm colors such as red, yellow, orange, this flower arrangement will bring the uniqueness of tropical flowers that are easily found in Thailand, such as royal fern Bird of paradise, amaranth and papyrus are arranged and decorated in containers with three wide mouths and raised rims.

          Starting with a base made from rolled royal fern leaves into various sizes. Arrange to fill the bowl. Like the waves of the sea and take the prepared flowers and pin them vertically, parallel to each other gradient from high Cycle in a circular motion according to the nature of the container chosen. This technique is called "Parallel System". It is one of the flower arranging techniques that is easy to understand. Blend together with the technique of gradation (Analogous Colors) from red-orange to green. To catch the eye and give a feeling of fun at the same time.

           Take the prepared flowers and cut the stems at an angle of about 45 degrees and set the height as desired. Importantly, don't forget to spray water. Flower front area and put a little water in the container to give flowers Can last longer.