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24 Hours to live

ผู้ดูแลเว็บ admin
2019-10-08 10:32:23

   A man uses a sniper rifle to take out multiple soldiers in a room where an interrogation is taking place. The first shot hits the female interrogator with lots of blood spraying  and several other people are shot with some blood shown In a slow motion action sequence, Z is shot in the side with blood spraying. Seconds later, he is shot in the head again with blood spraying out of the back of his head. A couple more soldiers and African villagers are violently killed with lots of blood.

     Title    24 Hours to live
     Registration number    DVD04267
     Category    Foreign Movie
     Genres    Action / Thriller
     Director    Brian Smrz
     Runtime    93 Min.
     Actor/Actress    Ethan Hawke, Qing Xu