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The Rational Life

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2023-06-09 15:51:41

       A love story between Chen Luoxin, a 33-year-old strong working woman who faces work problems in life. She tried to do her job to the best of her ability but was unable to advance to the position of legal director where she was working. Love, the family life that her mother pushed her to marry with increasing age, with the young assistant Chi Xiao who secretly fell in love with her. But with quite a large age difference, their love path is not as easy as they thought. This event, will Chen Luoxin choose love or reason to be able to prove her age difference love.

     Title    The Rational Life
     Can be viewed on the official website    https://www.netflix.com/th/title/81452916
     Category    Asian movies
     Genres    Drama / Romance
     Director    Chen Tong
     Runtime    45 minute
     Actor/Actress    Dylan Wang, Lan Qin, Zonghan Li