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A courtesan with flowered skin

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2022-05-10 14:34:11

         In the Edo period, Asagiri, the number one geisha who lives by selling her body to young men. She had a sakura scar on her beautiful body. One night on a festival day among the crowd An accident happened to her. and with the help of Hanjirou Asagiri, who never gave up on any man, fell in love with the gentle Hanjirou. She envisioned her marriage with Hanjirou. But.. the beautiful dream that she drew was only a dream. In the real world, the more deeply ingrained love is pushed towards a tragic end.

     Title    A courtesan with flowered skin
     Registration number    DVD03472
     Category    Asian movies
     Genres    Drama / Romance
     Director    Keisuke Toyoshima
     Runtime    102 Min.
     Actor/Actress    Yumi Adachi, Yasushi Fuchikam, iEna Koshino