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Claire foy unsane

ผู้ดูแลเว็บ admin
2019-03-14 17:14:27

     Unsane horror film about a woman who felt Stalker was life threatening. And when she sought help, she was taken to a mental hospital. But she still sees the person in her stalk. To conclude that it is true, or everything is born in her head.
     Unsane's special is that it was taken with a camera from the iPhone, which looks like an iphone image. But still, the style of your work.

     Title    Claire foy unsane
     Registration number    DVD04290
     Category    Foreign Movie
     Genres    Thriller
     Director    Oscar Stevens Soderbergh
     Runtime    98 Min.
     Actor/Actress    Claire Foy, Amy Irving, Juno Temple and Joshua Leonard.