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Finding Calico

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2022-06-22 13:53:55

         Following the death of his wife professor Kyoichi leads a solitary life by the sea. A stray cat called Mii, who was being fed by his wife, not only continues to drop by, but also seems to be visiting the altar Kyoichi has set up for his deceased wife. While uncomfortable with the cat and its visits, he nonetheless takes up a search when Mii goes missing. The endeavour connects him with the town's folk and reveals that he is not alone.

     Title    Finding Calico
     Registration number    DVD03105
     Category    Asian movies
     Genres    Comedy 
     Director    Yoshihiro Fukagawa
     Runtime    102 Min.
     Actor/Actress    Kayoko Kishimoto, Kie Kitano, Sayu Kubota