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Good morning president

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2022-04-27 09:57:21

         Good Morning President is an abridged version of the politics and lives of three different presidents: the older President Kim Jung-ho at the end of his term; the young President Cha Ji-wook, a skillful manipulator of foreign policy with great determination; and female President Han Kyuong-ja. They are distressed over the choices they must make between politics and ethics. Witness the affliction of Kim Jung-ho who wins the lottery, the agony of Cha Ji-wook who donates an organ, and the troubles of Han Kyuong-ja who faces the crisis of divorce.

     Title    Good morning president
     Registration number    DVD03156
     Category    Asian movies
     Genres    Comedy  
     Director    Jin Jang   
     Runtime    132 Min.
     Actor/Actress    Soon-jae Lee, Jang Dong-Gun, Du-shim Ko