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Far away from e-cigarettes

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2023-06-02 14:59:30

Prof. Dr. Pragot Watheesatokkit. (2023, May), jointly protect Thai children. Far away              from e-cigarettes : village doctors : 529 : 20-22

        Everyone probably knows the dangers of smoking. but the smoking lions Still can't stop smoking The more e-cigarettes are produced Many people think that it can help reduce the dangers of regular smoking. But in reality, it's not 100% safe and it's even illegal.

        Currently, there is evidence confirming that e-cigarettes It also increases health risks. Therefore, for parents, teachers, schools, we need to help prevent their children from smoking.

             1. E-cigarettes contain nicotine. which is the same addictive substance that is found in regular cigarettes How is it difficult to stop being addicted? And most of them will be stuck for life.

             2 “E-cigarettes” is like “regular smoking” because it is a way to bring the addictive nicotine contained in all tobacco products into the body through the respiratory system.

             3: Nicotine is toxic. Nicotine is a highly regulated toxic substance. Poison control laws in many countries

             4. Medical addiction of nicotine. Classified as a disease Because it affects many different systems of the body. People who can't quit on their own need treatment from medical personnel. by giving behavioral changes to stop smoking.

            5.Nicotine is harmful to the brain, especially children and growing adolescents. causing changes in the brain and it made it very difficult to quit.

             6. Nicotine use adds to the problem. Adolescent use of nicotine adds to mental health problems. increased symptoms of anxiety And increased depression symptoms 2 times more, resulting in decreased concentration and memory. having difficulty making decisions.

             7 Increase the risk of being addicted to "regular cigarettes" Children and youth who smoke e-cigarettes are at risk. to switch to normal smoking 2-4 times more than children and youth who do not smoke e-cigarettes

             8.Risk of being addicted to other types of drugs. The nicotine contained in cigarettes affects the brain of adolescents. Makes the brain ready to accept and addicted to other types of drugs many times more from alcohol, heroin, cocaine or marijuana.

            9. has long-term adverse effects on the body. In addition to the addictive nicotine E-cigarettes also contain carcinogens, heavy metals, and many other chemicals that have no known long-term effects on the body.

             10. Short term dangers There is documentary evidence found that E-cigarettes damage the tissues of the respiratory system. Lungs and blood vessels, such as severe pneumonia that can lead to death and cause myocardial infarction from lack of blood supply.