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What behaviors create "blind spots" for yourself?

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2023-11-02 10:42:01

Pornsaran Rungcharoenkitkul. (2023, October), What behaviors create "blind spots" for yourself? :                          Gourmet & Cuisine : 144 

            One of the greatest obstacles that prevents us from being successful in our careers as expected. It is not knowing yourself well enough what your strengths and weaknesses are. And the most dangerous thing is not knowing what “blind spots” you may have.

            The following are examples of behaviors or habits that psychologists agree can cause damage to oneself. and destroy relationships with others

            Uncompromisingly Ambitious : Always wanting to win or be "right" no matter the cost. Prefer to compete instead of cooperate Often exaggerates oneself. and is arrogant, viewing people as friends or enemies

            Have unreasonable goals : Set goals that are unattainable compared to the effort required to complete the task.

            Fight hard without relenting : Force yourself to work hard. Losing power is not worth it. Make the body incapacitated

            Push others: Push others too hard : Likes to manage small matters and tends to be in control. instead of delegating power Use a merciless method. and not sensitive to emotions that may harm others

            Hungry for Power : Seeks power for personal gain. Instead of doing it for the common good without caring about other people's views

            Insatiable need for recognition : Addiction to fame and glory. Often taking credit for other people's efforts Endlessly seeking future victory.

            Obsessed with appearance : Always wanting to look good in the eyes of others. Ready to exchange with every cost Too concerned with one's image in society, trapped in material extravagance.

            Want to appear perfect : Resentful of rejection or criticism even if it is reasonable. Often blames others for their own mistakes. Unable to accept mistakes or personal weaknesses.

            Behavior mentioned above Destroys happiness and progress in working and living How can we know our own shortcomings? It helps to be open-minded enough to listen to others' feedback. and diligently review and consider oneself impartially Including being willing to continuously develop and improve oneself. For a new, brighter walking path