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Reduce-Increase-Adjust-Change Give eating behavior "no lack, no more"

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2022-12-02 13:25:11

Dr. Anan Loha Phatthana Bamrung, (2022, October-December), Reduce-Increase-Adjust-Change Give              eating behavior "no lack, no more" : Tai Tai 13 (50): 45-47

        Eating habits of modern Thai people are changing. Especially after COVID-19 Many surveys have found that Thai people have unbalanced, overwhelmed, or severely undernourished diets, yet we receive less and less healthy food.

        Have you noticed that we eat high fat, high sodium, and added sugar? But they eat very little fruits and vegetables. 42% of high-fat foods, 39% of processed foods, and 34% of sugar-sweetened bottled non-alcoholic beverages, reflecting the lack of food insecurity in Thailand. and the risk of chronic non-communicable diseases in the long run

        Eating behaviors that indicate lack of food insecurity among school age groups will affect obesity and weight gain. Including the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and high blood fat in the future.

        Immediate modification of eating behavior It can be difficult and can have a negative effect on the body. Let's start with a simple behavioral adjustment consisting of 4 items: reduce - add - adjust - change.

        Starting from reducing sweet, salty, oily foods, avoiding fried foods, soft drinks, and processed meats. Turn to eat food made from real meat instead to get more nutrients.

        Next is adding by eating more fruits and vegetables. to increase fiber in order to adjust behavior to get used to it

        Adjustment is to adjust one's own behavior. Should turn to exercise 30-60 minutes a day, read the label on the product before buying.

        And finally, change is to change things that are good for your health, such as changing sugary drinks or soft drinks to milk, changing fried egg dishes to boiled eggs, etc.

To have good health In addition to exercising regularly Food choices are also important.

because of good health It's considered a long-term profit.