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6 geniuses that should be in the house

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2022-02-04 15:28:47

Thananya Mungsanti. (2022, January), 6 geniuses that should be in the house : Business+ (395) : 30-33

        Over the past two years, the epidemic situation has completely changed the behavior of people around the world. one of them is spending more time at home and pay attention to the selection of home appliances Whether bringing new innovations into applications for maximum user comfort and can meet the needs of daily life There are many interesting products such as

   1. Smart Appliances, home appliances A helper that makes life more comfortable Or make cleaning in the house as easy as a robot vacuum cleaner. floor washing machine, etc.

   2.Control and Connectivity, a personal assistant that can manage according to user commands. with voice command to enable smart devices in the house to answer questions like Google speaks

   3.Security Helping to take care of home security Outdoor surveillance cameras are equipped with smart sensors that can detect abnormalities to prevent crime. or a smart door lock system that can be unlocked through a mobile phone

   4. Home Entertainment & Media Management Currently, television has advanced technology to form a smart TV. with new innovations that meet the needs of consumers more

   5.Comfortable and lighting, a helper that creates a feeling and atmosphere in the house. There is nothing better than relaxing with Smart Tub, a smart bathtub that is outstanding in its beautiful design. luxury and high quality with usage patterns that can adjust water temperature and light through mobile applications

   6. Energy Management is a system that helps manage home electricity use. The system will report the results of various electrical usage in the house through the application. Summary of daily use and problems, as well as warnings of abnormal electrical appliances such as the refrigerator suddenly stopped working and also has technology to help analyze user solutions to help save as much electricity as possible