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Mysterious tunnel

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2021-06-04 14:25:33

Mysterious tunnel 

        The closed door under the Phra Nang hill, that cover by plants, difficult to see.  Even this area has got history with Suan Sunandha from the beginning. 

        When "Suan Sunandha" is estabished, it was made to be gargen of the palace.  

        It was design to have many plants and canal. Those soil was digged and make the area to be small hill. 

        In the H.H. Princess Saisavali Bhiromya, Princess Suaddhasininart's period,  this place was used to keep plates, and cutlery. 

        In the World War 2, this place is used to avoid from fighting for Suan Sunandha teacher and students. 

        Recently, this tunnel is use for exhibition and open for visitor.