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Time to take a break from social media

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2021-06-04 15:47:58

 Lalita Srihabunma. (2021, March), Time to take a break from social media: Chewajit. 23 (539) : 68

         Social Media Detox, also known as the treatment of the social media addiction that causes the suffering that online avoidance It can be considered as another good way to treat mental health.

         How to start a Social Media Detox, we don't need to overdo it, gradually reduce it little by little to allow our lives to adjust and the results. Definitely beyond description.

Help set your own boundaries.

Who feels too addicted to social media that causes stress and anxiety? Taking a break from social media by muting notifications or deleting certain applications is the first step to do including limiting playing time.

Help us focus on our goals.

Stepping away from social media or off social media will help us work or create faster and more efficiently.

Helps to have more free time.

 The advancement of technology is more comfortable. So many people are just wasting their time on the phone screen. If you try to distance yourself from social media We will have free time for hobbies that interest ourselves. and have more time to care about the people around them.