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Being a vegan can eat cheese: Gourmet & Cuisine

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2024-06-05 12:20:20

Indira Salee. (2024, May), Being a vegan can eat cheese: Gourmet & Cuisine: 74-75

Cheese is a food that is processed from animal milk. And used to make a variety of dishes, from savory dishes to desserts. It is so popular among people that it has been given the name "Cheese Lover", but it must be admitted that cheese does not meet the needs of every group of people. Especially people who eat vegan. Thus, the product Vegan Cheese was born. Vegan cheese is usually made from nuts. Or plant base ingredients can replace regular cheese in both texture and taste. There are also a variety of cheeses to choose from.

Normally, people who eat vegan don't have to say goodbye to eating cheese forever.

Most vegan cheeses come from five main ingredients.

            1. Soybeans and Tofu

            2. Nuts and seeds such as almonds, macadamias, pistachios, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, etc.

            3. Flour such as corn starch, tapioca starch, all-purpose wheat flour.

            4. Coconut milk or coconut oil

            5. Various additives such as nutritional yeast, mustard powder, dried herbs, apple cider. The form of vegan cheese is the same as regular cheese. It comes in chunks, shredded, and shredded. Its uses may vary. Vegan cheese slices are often used for cooking or cheese balls. As for the shredded cheese, it is usually put on top of the pizza. If it's soft cream cheese, use it to make bread. Make Spinach Artichoke Cheese Dip You can also use vegan cheese such as crimson cheese. You will see that it is not different from using normal cheese at all.

            Some people may think Vegan cheese is quite a niche food, but it's actually more common these days. Many brands of vegan cheese Thailand also has the same. Or if it's easy to buy It will be a vegan cheese slice from Imperial, a brand that Thai people are familiar with.

            Can vegan cheese really help save the planet? No matter what kind of food The production process is also part of the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Ski cheese production as well

            In addition to environmental issues The ethics of raising animals is something that vegans are very concerned about. Because in order to use milk from a cow to make cheese, the mother cow and calf must be separated. Otherwise, milking will be difficult, causing some cows to accumulate stress. which vegans consider to be cruelty to animals

             But no one has definitively confirmed that eating vegan cheese is better for the planet. This is because some manufacturers use ingredients that have undergone a process that disturbs nature. Ultimately, whether you eat regular cheese or vegan cheese, you have to carefully consider whether the producing company is properly certified or not. To ensure that it is delicious without too much impact on the environment.