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listen to music as well Does it really make running better?

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2022-07-05 11:19:21

Editor's Office. (2022, May), listen to music as well Does it really make running better? : Cheewajit : 24               (567) : 68

        Many people choose to continue listening to music. while running to kill time reduce boredom Now there are many devices and technologies that make it possible to listen to music while running in the market.

        There are pros and cons to listening to music while running, depending on the different context of each runner. The benefits of listening to music while running

   1. Reduce fatigue while running. Listening to music while running can also improve and improve your running performance. Ask more. durability for runners as well make it run longer

   2. Increased blood circulation If we listen to our favorite songs The music is fun, stimulating, and the lyrics are stimulating. and encourage This results in an increase in blood circulation by up to 26 percent, allowing the body to use more oxygen. But if you listen to sad, heartbreaking, love-ingrown songs, your blood circulation is reduced by 6 percent.

   3. Directly affect the mind An expert on the relationship between music and the human body reveals that Listening to music while exercising gives your body about 10 percent more energy than usual. This makes it possible to overcome fatigue while running. and can run until the end of the target Disadvantages of listening to music while running

        Some people think that listening to music causes us to accidentally sing out loud while running, causing our breathing system to go haywire. making him unable to hear his own footsteps or the rhythm of his heart Some people use running as a meditation to train their speed and heart rate. Set the breath in and out, etc.

        There are also safety concerns that many runners should consider when listening to music while running. because because of listening to music when we run outside especially the street line or a road race May be unable to hear from the surroundings and lead to danger

        Therefore, listening to music while running is not wrong or right. If you want to listen to music It's best to go somewhere safe and confident, such as on a treadmill or in a park. That will make you enjoy the music and run to the fullest. The important thing is that it's safe as well.