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2022-07-05 11:25:17

Stress or anxiety is caused by things that stimulate the body to adjust. If we are unable to adapt to                    changing thoughts or emotions, this will lead to what is known as “stress”.

        Stress can be divided into two types: 1. Acute stress that usually occurs in stressful and specific situations. which when going through this situation, the stress will disappear as well. 2.Chronic stress (Cronic Stress) is a stress that affects physical and mental health. The problem could not be solved immediately. therefore accumulated for a long time until it becomes chronic stress

        The cause of stress can be due to physical factors related to health conditions. illness with various diseases Psychological factors can easily cause stress, for example, in people with high responsibility. But the results are not as expected, often anxious.

        Therefore, we must assess ourselves and have a way of coping with stress. The first step is to accept what has happened and the changes. that may follow later Exercise or find a counselor or someone you trust who can talk to. Tell them stories, and the last resort is to use antidepressants. The medication, although it can help reduce stress. But when used continuously for a period of time, it will have to increase the amount of use more to be effective.

        Moreover, stress produces many free radicals within the body. resulting in cells Inflammation, damage, destruction

        Consuming foods rich in antioxidants, such as five-colored fruits and vegetables, herbs, and whole grains, can help rebalance the body. Important substances that act as antioxidants in addition to the coloring substances in fruits and vegetables. It also includes inositol (Inositol) in the group of B vitamins. It is found naturally in many foods such as plants, whole grains, and fruits. It is also available as a dietary supplement.

        Inositol is involved in cell growth. and can also respond to stress Balancing chemicals in the brain and make sleep better Adequate sleep will give your brain a break from fatigue. thus reducing stress

        for people with stress frequent anxiety If these stressors cannot be eliminated even after talking to or consulting with those around you. should consult a psychiatrist Because in some cases, abnormalities in chemicals in the brain may occur when the correct medication or treatment from a doctor is not received. will not be able to deal with the emotions and feelings that are.