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Simple principles for using soy milk in cooking

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2023-10-05 13:03:42

Editorial team. (2023, September), Simple principles for using soy milk in cooking : Cheewajit :  24

          The benefits of soy milk or soybean milk are widely known. It is a natural protein that contains the hormone estrogen, especially suitable for menopausal women. Contains amino acids that are necessary for the body similar to meat. People who do not eat meat can eat soybeans instead. In addition, soy milk also contains nutrients that are especially suitable for children and young adults, namely lecithin, which helps nourish the brain and improve memory.

            At present, soy milk is used. Can be converted into many types of food. Some people still can't imagine that. Liang bean milk” is used in place of many ingredients. We can adjust the recipe to use milk. Soybeans can be substituted for coconut milk and milk, which is not difficult. You just need to know the principles and cooking methods and the food will come out looking appetizing and delicious. The principles and simple tips are as follows.

Soy milk makes a "curry" menu.

            For example, green curry must be stir-fried with curry paste and oil until fragrant. Then pour in the soy milk and simmer until the oil in which the curry paste is stir-fried rises, then add the vegetables. You shouldn't take a long time to cook because the soy milk will break down and the curry will be too thick. And don't worry, the smell of various herbs and spices in the curry paste will completely mask the smell of soy milk.

Use soy milk to make "dessert" menus.

            For example, bananas, mashed potatoes, the ingredients must be cooked, such as pumpkin, taro, and potatoes. It will not take long to simmer the soy milk. And you should add pandanus leaves or sprinkle black and white sesame seeds to add aroma and color. In addition, it is recommended to use palm sugar for desserts because it will enhance the aroma.

Bakery” made from soy milk

            Soy milk should be used in the same ratio as milk or slightly less. Because soy milk is more concentrated. In addition, you should add vanilla or fruit scents such as banana, quince, jackfruit, and taro to increase the fragrance.

Introducing "drinks" mixed with soy milk

             Nowadays coffee shops have soy milk coffee on the menu. Green tea, soy milk Soy milk cocoa sold Because it is considered another new option for health lovers or those who eat vegetarian or vegan food. If you choose a good type of soy milk to add, you will find that there is no soybean odor in that type of drink at all. Next time if anyone wants to order a healthy dim sum menu, try adding soy milk. Get both good health and new deliciousness at the same time.