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Stevia: Kasikorn

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2021-11-10 12:40:14

Supatthanakij Phosawang. (2021, August-September), Stevia: Kasikorn. 94 (6) : 27-32

        Stevia, scientific name Stevia rebaudiana (Berton), is a multi-year-old annual plant. It looks like basil or basil. Contains Stevia Stervioside, a sweetener very similar to cane sugar. and is about 250-300 times sweeter than sucrose. It is also a very low calorie sweetener compared to granulated sugar. because it is not digested to produce energy in the body from the properties of such sweet substances It is now used as a sweetener for certain foods and beverages. by using it in place of some or all of the granulated sugar. Its main purpose is to reduce the amount of calories in the diet. and machines for those who want to lose weight or patients.

properties of stevia

            1. Stevia herb helps to increase vitality.

            2. Helps to increase blood supply to the brain.

            3. Help in the treatment of diabetic patients. reduce blood sugar levels Suitable for those who want to control blood sugar levels.

            4. Help reduce chimneys in the blood.

            5. Reduces the risk of heart disease high blood pressure and obesity.

            6. Help nourish the liver.

            7. Helps heal wounds both internally and externally.

        Although Steviosiide does not remain in the body. consumption of stevia leaves, or A large number of products May cause negative effects on the body as well. Therefore, always consume the right amount of stevia. The appropriate amount of sweetener in stevia in daily consumption was 4 mg/kg of consumer weight.