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The Secret of the Riedel Wine Glass : Business+

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2021-09-06 14:57:24

Wittaya Kitchanpaiboon. (2021, July), The Secret of the Riedel Wine Glass : Business+. (389) : 104-105

        Wine and high art Along with the social culture of the past, such as a glass of wine, is another factor that affects the aesthetics of drinking wine as well as choosing a good bottle of wine.

        Riedel is a world-class wine glass. Austrian nationality By studying and creating wine glasses for each grape variety. A genre with more than 260 years of legend.

        With this in mind, Ridel introduces wine drinkers to the wine glass for each grape variety. In fact, Klaus J. Riedel was the first person in history to develop and present a stemmed wine glass.

        The stemmed glass for each grape wine has three distinctly unique body designs: shape, size and rim width.

        The go-to glass for most red wines is VIMUM XL Shiraz, white wines are Magum and Riesling Grand Cru/Chianti Classico.

The taste of wine can be perceived by four senses

        1. Smell makes the drinker smell the seductive smell of grapes. and can feel both the quality and intensity of the smell

       2. Touch makes the drinker feel that the wine is diluted, concentrated, soft or smooth.

       3. Taste helps to balance the ingredients in a wine, whether it's fruity, mineral, sour or bitter.

       4. Residual taste in the mouth It provides a continuous, mellow, and long-lasting flavor in the mouth after drinking the wine.

Tips for drinking wine for maximum aesthetic taste Can take into account the broad principles of wine glasses as follows:

        Cleanliness: Drinks should be served in clear, clean, and odorless glasses.

        Temperature Do not over-cool white and sparkling wines. And red wine should be served slightly below room temperature.