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10 global consumer trends after the COVID-19 era : Food Focus Thailand

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2021-12-09 13:07:18

Nanthanat Chitsamphanthawet. (2021, August), 10 global consumer trends after the            COVID-19 era : Food Focus Thailand. 16 (185) : 44-46

        Revealing the results of the survey "10 trends in the world consumers after the Covid-19 era" that the epidemic of Covid-19 It is an important catalyst for consumer behavior in the “New Normal” era to change dramatically. There are ten important consumer behavior trends as follows:

   1. The trend of loving health is strong. In this era, even the slightest disease is risky and potentially dangerous. To life, businesses should focus on delivering the highest health value to consumers. environmentally friendly and accessible to everyone.

   2. Precautions Emphasis must be placed on health safety, no contact, reducing interaction time.

   3. Afraid of the bad place because the bad place will have a virus that can spread easily and quickly.

   4. Combine the virtual world with the real world as one such as a restaurant in Japan hosting a party through the Zoom system. Customers can see each other in 380 degrees, etc.

   5. Consumers want to manage their time in accordance with their lifestyle as much as possible in the work-from era. Home, such as the use of AI technology to meet the needs of customers the most

   6. Consumer Political Confidence Crisis People want to be more self-reliant, especially In a country that failed to manage (especially in public health).

   7. Emphasis on safety and hygiene.

   8. Learn new skills and design a balance in life.

   9. The volatile economy has resulted in consumers being more cautious in their spending.

   10. Manage working hours each day appropriately.