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Healthy with Lanna Way

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2022-02-11 15:04:57

Dr. Lalita (2020, October-2021) March), Healthy with Lanna Way: Rompyom 23 (1) : 32-35

        Each person's understanding of strength may have many standards. But we should have a standard of strength that can be used as a benchmark, right?

Strength as defined by Gary Nal.

        Gary Nal is a fitness expert. or a matter of strength Chow's work covers food and how to eat so you don't get sick. How to exercise the body to be healthy and balanced

Gary Nal divides the strength of a person into five areas:

   1. Physical strength This means that it should not be overweight. Should have a body mass index of no more than 25 and not less than 20. The available flesh should be muscle. not a radish

   2. Cardio strength and circulation must not get tired easily normal heartbeat

   3. Resistant geographic strength not allergic not frequent colds and infections

   4. The strength of free radicals means that the body eliminates free radicals before they can damage the body to cause deterioration. or chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, etc.

Mental strength means that there should be no stress, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, etc.

How to be strong

        If you want strength in all 5 boundaries, you need to be meticulous about food. regular exercise have periodic stress relief And should detoxify by fasting from time to time to remove toxins from the body.

The ancient Lanna people are ready to be strong.

   1. Food in daily life Lanna people eat brown rice pounded from a mortar, eat a lot of vegetables, eat fish from the rice fields.

   2. People used to exercise regularly. Whether a man or a woman must exert himself to carry water, pound rice, and work. in the fields Wherever you go, walk

   3. Lanna people are not stressed Lanna people's society is full of generosity, no rush, simple and happy life.

   4. Lanna people have known detoxification before. Detoxification is eating less than 800 calories per day. Or there is a period during the day when eating less for about 18 hours. The worship of monks is fasting or detoxification for 18 hours a day every day. A number of Lanna people eat rice imitating the monks by eating 1-2 meals a day and stop eating food that they enjoy. Like the monks at the temple