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Food and the Possibility of Commercial Production

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2022-03-11 10:37:04

Kanokporn Pakeechai, Narin Charoenphun. (2021, September-October), Bamboo Shoot- Processed                    Food and the Possibility of Commercial Production : Science and Technology Journal 29 (5) : 865-              -879.

        Summary of research results Bamboo shoots are a potential raw material for the food industry. because it can be grown in every region of Thailand There are unique varieties. and the environment, soil, water and air suitable In addition, bamboo shoot products are rich in nutrition. and contains interesting biologically active substances It can be consumed both fresh and processed. There are marketing opportunities both domestically and internationally. The demand in the global market tends to increase. also the knowledge The production process, processing, distribution are ready. and competitiveness and is economically worthwhile It also has a positive impact on the environment that contributes to reducing air pollution. Because bamboo planting is an economic forest building. which is a source of job creation, income generation, and a good foundation economy at the community, city and country level.