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Listen to the sound of the eclipse

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2024-04-11 12:08:05

Stephanie Vermillion. (2024, February), Listen to the sound of the eclipse: National Geographic Thai                   edition: 25

        stronomers find new way to help visually impaired people To experience the events in the sky on April 8, 2004, when the moon orbited between the earth and the sun. Day turns into night in a total solar eclipse over parts of North America. For those who are visually impaired It is an obstacle that makes it impossible to see such a phenomenon. astronomer Harvard University has developed LightSound, a smartphone-sized device that converts brightness into sound. The WrightSound project will distribute about 500 devices to museums. National and State Parks as well as schools for the blind throughout the country Harvard Astronomy Laboratory Manager Addison Bialysa says the goal is to increase access and open up the field of astronomy to new perspectives. “The excitement of astronomical events can inspire thinkers. The next generation of great people."