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Getting to know exotic fruits, but worth trying

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2023-05-11 15:32:44

(2023, April), Getting to know exotic fruits, but worth trying  : Gourmet & Cuisine : 273 : 27        

        There are many kinds of fruits in this world that we may not be familiar with. They have strange shapes, flavors and textures. be a species Therefore, it is a good opportunity for the story of summer fruits, this time we would like to introduce strange fruit species that are hard to find or that are popular only in certain areas. I'm sure you'll enjoy eating this summer.

      Abi or Abiu (Abiu), a tropical fruit from the Amazon region. in South America. The fruit is round when ripe, bright yellow. The flesh is white, translucent, similar to
with colored gels giving a lightly sweet taste

      Kiwi berry (Hardy Kiwi) or hard poet Originated in Japan, Korea, northern chinaand eastern Russia, it got its name because of its TV-like texture, in a weeter, crispeversion. Only the outside is hairless like a normal TV and is as small as a grape, can at the whole shell.
      Pepino : The origin of this fruit is Peru. Now common in Colombia. Kenya, Bolivia and color, as well as spreading to other countries. around the world like Australia, New Zealand and California in the United States. Pepino has an oval shape. The peel is yellow-orange with purple stripes and the flesh is juicy inside. It's like eating a sweet cucumber.
      Mon Khai (Eggfruit) fruit that is found in tropical countries both in South America and Asia. Southeast of our country. The yellow-orange fruit of Mon Khai comes in a variety of shapes, from round to oval, with a long tail. The texture is similar to hard-boiled egg yolk. Reminiscent of egg custard. Some say it smells like a light durian. Mon Khai has many names, such as Sian Peach and Tissa.