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5 Adolescent Care Platform

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2022-08-11 11:31:29

Lady L. (2022, April–June), 5 Adolescent Care Platform : Thittai 12 (45) : 84-86

        At present, there are 2.6 million Thais suffering from psychiatric disorders, with Thai children and youth being the third group with mental health problems, behind working age groups and the elderly. special Not only will he have to manage his emotions in the face of increasingly complex problems in a rapidly changing society and environment. Teenagers also have to grow up to be important forces that solve problems and develop society as well.

        Introducing 5 platforms to take care of yourself It is an emotional outlet that gives you peace of mind. No one knows yourself. and free of charge

   1. Connecting Depression Therapy, an application and depression screening platform for

Teenagers from Bangkok International School are easy to use and comfortable.

   2. Mindfit, an application for teenagers of the Department of Mental Health The goal is to prevent depression by Change thoughts and behaviors into simple positive activities via mobile phone, consisting of thinking adjustment activities, positive thinking training and life goal adjustment.

   3. MOODA, an application that will help track our daily mood and how we feel today. have emotion emoji So cute, let us choose and save it as a short diary for us to keep.

   4. Wysa, an application that welcomes friends to chat Let us vent stressful or bad things with a chatbot. Helps analyze conversations and respond to the emotions we express.

   5. Wall of Sharing, a platform of the Department of Mental Health by the Rajanagarindra Institute of Child and Adolescent Mental Health for students to have a consultation with a psychiatrist or a psychologist for free via video call and to give youth more opportunities to be more open about mental health, not just depression. but also include insomnia, short attention span, relationship issues, etc